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When it comes to hard landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas, this is often the forgotten or neglected part of the building project. Often by the end of the project, clients may have exhausted their budget, so they just tidy up what’s left behind as best they can.

But much like having an overall concept plan for the inside of the home, it’s an excellent idea to engage a landscape architect who can really bring your outdoor area to life!! At Kiwi Construction, we often see clients’ expressions and they are blown away as they just could never picture their own backyard looking at the prospective way the landscape architect has presented it.

Hard landscaping can bring such reward and can add just as much value to the property, as the inside would if all renovated. It is critical that the outdoor entertaining/garden spaces are well connected to the inside.

We design and construct quality outdoor living spaces, to find out more about our hard landscaping services, simply contact us today. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you.


You can construct a retaining wall up to 1.5m, provided it does not carry surcharges (additional loads like a driveway, a building, or a steeply sloping bank). If it does or exceeds 1.5m, it will require building consent from your local council.

There are many varieties and options out there, depending on the aesthetic landscaping look you are after, and if cost is a driving factor.

In a residential application, the two most used retaining walls, are a SED timber retaining wall, or a keystone masonry retaining wall.

Depending on the design, you should expect anything between a minimum period of 25-50 years. 

And even if you do not require a building consent, I would always advise the consultation of a structural engineer to give you a design to follow. You may feel it’s an unnecessary cost, but for longevity, my professional opinion would be to seek support from a local structural engineer. At Kiwi Construction, we can help you in this area.

By far and away, the best and most popular low maintenance driveway is a concrete driveway. Paver driveways require the most maintenance, with constant weed maintenance, and re-sanding of the pavers themselves. They are also more difficult to clean up using a water blaster if moss and mould start to grow on them. 

You do not need building consent for your pool or spa if it sits directly on the ground, or in the ground, and its capacity is less than or equal to 35,000 litres. However, all pools with a depth of 400mm or more need some form of a pool barrier, and this requires a consent. The only exception to this rule is if it has non-climbable sides of 1.2m high above ground. The ladder for the entry point MUST be removable and stored away when not in use. 

A resource consent may be required if the proposed pool is within close proximity to a boundary or another building. 

For further details, please check with your local council, to discuss your pool’s design and any further regulations and consents that it may require. Better to be safe than sorry!! 

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Martin, Scott and the team at Kiwi Construction did a fantastic job for us on our large-scale home extension/renovation. They ensured we were able to stay in our home for as long as possible to minimize the upheaval, and then did everything to get us back in ASAP. Communication was open, consistent and professional, and there were no surprises along the way. Martin’s sub-contractors were excellent, too – all very good at what they do and a pleasure to have around.
Martin & Jo
House Owners
When we decided to renovate our house we wanted a company that would manage all the trades and provide a complete service. I was a stay at home mum liaising with Kiwi Construction during the renovation, so it was important that the lead contractor was able to lead his crew by example and Martin did. Because of the age of the house, there were a number of changes to the original plans and Kiwi Construction were accommodating and knowledgeable about how to get around tricky problems. We are delighted with the renovation of our home..
John & Louise
House Owners

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