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What is a leaky home? 

A leaky home or building is one where moisture gets between the outside of the house (the cladding) and the inside walls.

Fixing a leaky Home

Undertaking a reclad on a “leaky home”, is one of the trickiest and most complex building projects a construction company can face. There are a lot more professional bodies involved, and the council are far pickier on these types of houses when it comes to inspections under consent. They certainly are not for the faint-hearted!! 

Here at Kiwi Construction, we have had the sad job of deconstructing many homes that have borne the brunt of serious weather tightness issues, and we have shaken our heads in disbelief at some of the poor design flaws that we have encountered. 

Weather Tightness Problems

It is a difficult situation for homeowners to go through, and many have had to deal with all the stress and anxiety of it all, which can often lead them to having health problems. At Kiwi Construction, we are here to relieve that stress, and to give you peace of mind, that when we have completed the reclad of your home, you will never have to go through the pain again!!!

We have a very specialised team of designers, engineers and forensic building surveyors that assist us throughout the entire process from design, consent, to a ‘code compliance certificate’. 

Kiwi Construction can help with your reclad, so give us a call to arrange a meeting. We look forward to meeting with you.


Yes, you do, all partial or full reclad require council consent. Of all building consents, these ones most certainly undergo the most scrutiny by the council and are very carefully monitored and inspected by senior building inspectors. 

In simple terms, changing the building envelopes exterior cladding system, for another approved cladding system. There are many options to navigate through, with the most common being a direct fixed plaster cladding system, being changed to a cavity batten, clad system. 

Some of those systems have very specific fire rating systems that must be strictly adhered too, especially with joined properties, such as townhouses. 

And a reclad does not mean it’s a leaky home, some of our clients simply wish to change to a more modern look, to make it feel more aesthetically pleasing. 

Placing a figure on a reclad, especially a plaster home with a direct fixed system, is tricky to predict, but from our professional experience, it will usually be in the vicinity of between $150,000.00 up to $450,000.00 or more, depending on the size of the house, and its complexity. 

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, it’s a great time to upgrade potential areas like bathrooms, ensuites and kitchens. These are just some of the most common up upgrades, clients like to add on to the consented reclad project. Outdoor, entertaining areas is another area of demand. 

An average time frame would be between 5-7 months, depending on other areas to be renovated or updated. 

This is, without doubt, the MOST asked question to me, at the first initial consultation process. We understand it’s expensive to move out of the home and pay rent for another property, whilst also paying for your reclad project. Where possible and practicable, we endeavour to try and give options and solutions, to work around yourselves whilst living onsite, and to try and save you from renting another property. Careful planning can go a long way in allowing this to happen.  

Establishing costs for a reclad is very tricky, given the type of work that’s involved, and it’s the experience of working on reclads that gives the greatest peace of mind, that at the pricing stage, we here at Kiwi Construction allow for all the unforeseen issues and costs that are often overlook by our competitors when pricing the reclad project. 

At Kiwi Construction, we track all estimated costs, with actual costs going on onsite, live on a week by week basis, and keep in close communication with all our clients when non allowed works pop up. More often than not, we here at Kiwi Construction are on the side of caution at the pricing stage, so we don’t get ourselves into big-budget blowouts. 

Our previous clients are testimony to that!!

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Client Reviews

We used Kiwi Construction Ltd in the recladding and construction of the new deck on the back of our townhouse a few years ago. David and I are delighted with the quality of the work and how space works for us. More importantly, the attention to detail, communication and engagement of both Martin and the crew he had working on our property was superb. We were kept well informed, they were neat and tidy on-site and a pleasure to work with
Pan & David
House Owners
When we decided to renovate our house we wanted a company that would manage all the trades and provide a complete service. I was a stay at home mum liaising with Kiwi Construction during the renovation, so it was important that the lead contractor was able to lead his crew by example and Martin did. Because of the age of the house, there were a number of changes to the original plans and Kiwi Construction were accommodating and knowledgeable about how to get around tricky problems. We are delighted with the renovation of our home..
John & Louise
House Owners

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