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Choosing to build a new home simply gives you the vastest array of design options, as you are creating off a blank canvas. As it is nothing to renovate or remodel, you can design and create your very own home with the right indoor/outdoor flow and entertaining areas for years to come. Your own private slice of paradise. 

At Kiwi Construction, we have built many new houses across the eastern, central, and north shore suburbs, whether it’s a stand-alone architectural house, granny flats, or a multi-unit development site, nothing has escaped us. 

If you have chosen an architect and have plans drawn up, Kiwi Construction can help give feedback and input into the costs right at the concept stage, creating a competitive quote for your building project.

Budgeting Your New House or Minor Dwellings

Often, we find clients like to know if their ideal concept design will fit into their budget expectations. If the design cost is exceeding the expected budget, we can work closely with your architect to give valuable feedback to help reduce construction costs, often through a smarter design or build process option.

If you have not chosen an architect, Kiwi Construction can assist with choosing the right architect, for the right building project style and desire you are after. We can then work with all interested parties to create a fixed quote for your project that meets your budget and timeline expectations. 

All new homes are carefully project managed by our very experienced team of highly skilled builders, with over 15 years of experience and craftsmanship. We work with an experienced team of suppliers and contractors who are just as passionate about building, and we will project manage your new build from start to finish. 

Or alternatively, if you already have a home on-site, and are looking to create an additional living space, a minor dwelling or a granny flat could be an alternative option. This can be a great way of creating another income revenue stream. Or perhaps your elderly parents are needing your family support, so wish to have them close to you, a minor dwelling or a granny flat is an excellent option that should be seriously considered. 

If you would like to know more about minor dwelling regulations in Auckland, check out The Practice & Guidance Note – Minor Dwelling



If you are in a single house zone, a minor dwelling can be added, provided it is under 65m2 without consent. 

 However, there are a few points to be wary of, that have caught many previous homeowners out.

Firstly you need to make sure that the minor dwelling is within your ‘setback boundary’. This is typically the area that is between 1m to 1.2m depending on the type of property owned (heritage or not, check with your local council). The reason for this is for fire purposes. If you wish to be within this setback boundary area, the dwelling must be compliant with fire regulations, and it WILL require resource consent. If you wish to add any sanitary appliances, such as a shower, toilet, vanity, kitchenette sink, this WILL  trigger a building consent

Finally, some transportable units do require building consent, so please check with your local council, just to dot all your I’s and cross your T’s. Auckland Council is very happy to assist with any queries you may have before you consider going further. 


This is all dependant on the unitary plan, your property falls into. There are a lot of factors, most importantly the size of the property determines if a second home can be built. This also requires resource consent and building consent. Please enquire through your local council and the unitary plan for your area. For more information about what a resource consent and a building consent are, and how to check if you need one click on Auckland Council Building and Resource Consents.

For pricing regarding Building consents please click on Auckland Council Building Consent Fees and Charges

I have a strong belief that it is critical to engage with your preferred builder and construction company right at the concept stage. 

At Kiwi Construction, we can give guidance and cost feedback from an early stage of the building process. And this really can save a lot of time and cost for all parties, when finding solutions to the practical building phase. 

So what are you waiting for, give us a call or drop us an email, we are always here to help, and have assisted many clients through this often challenging part of the building project phase. 

Martin Smith – Director

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We will listen to your design concepts and offer realistic cost feedback and come up with alternative designs to save your money.

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We only work with highly experienced suppliers and contractors, who will deliver on time and on budget

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All our workmanship comes with our 10-year guarantee. Long after we have achieved a 'Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)', we maintain regular checkups and site visits with all our clients over a 2 year period

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We will cost right at the concept stage, to ensure no hidden costs or budget scares.

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We can help you choose the right architect, for the right building project. This can really make or break a new building project.

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We work with all our clients right from the concept stage of the building process. This gives greater peace of mind for projects coming in on time and on budget.

Client Reviews

Martin, Scott and the team at Kiwi Construction did a fantastic job for us on our large-scale home extension/renovation. They ensured we were able to stay in our home for as long as possible to minimize the upheaval, and then did everything to get us back in ASAP. Communication was open, consistent and professional, and there were no surprises along the way. Martin’s sub-contractors were excellent, too – all very good at what they do and a pleasure to have around.
Martin & Jo
House Owners
When we decided to renovate our house we wanted a company that would manage all the trades and provide a complete service. I was a stay at home mum liaising with Kiwi Construction during the renovation, so it was important that the lead contractor was able to lead his crew by example and Martin did. Because of the age of the house, there were a number of changes to the original plans and Kiwi Construction were accommodating and knowledgeable about how to get around tricky problems. We are delighted with the renovation of our home..
John & Louise
House Owners

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