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When considering renovating your current home, villa or bungalow, there are many reasons that have led yourself to the beginning of this process. Perhaps you have tried looking around in the current market and have thought about selling and buying, but you cannot tick all the boxes of your wants and needs, without it being a huge expense. Perhaps your current home, villa or bungalows living spaces just aren’t working for you, yet you like the area and school zone, and your kids are happy and settled, or your family and friends live close to you, and you don’t like the thought of moving away from them. 

Whatever your reason may be, undertaking a high-quality renovation is often a great alternative, to selling and buying, or building from scratch. Renovations allow you to create those living spaces you have always dreamed of, that suit you and your family’s needs. The one critical aspect to this process is that it is undertaken in a professional, high quality, manner that is in keeping with the character and charm of the current home. Kiwi Construction has been specialising in house, villa and Bungalow renovations for the past 15 years, and we are a highly passionate and professional team that stand behind our craftsmanship.


9 times out of 10, you will soon come to the same conclusion as everybody else, that renovating your existing home, villa or bungalow is a far more appealing outcome, as you ultimately end up with what you want, not someone else’s design that likely will not tick all the boxes of your family’s needs and wants.

The best place to start initially is to simply google images of designs and concepts that appeal to you. Create a montage of images that can then be interpreted easily by Kiwi Construction and your chosen architect if it is deemed to be a consented project. Try and be as clear and decisive as possible, as this can cut down on the amount of concept design versions. You don’t need to have a finalised design, simply a style that fits your family.

The most critically important part of the design is an overall concept of how you see your finished project, both inside and out. Many people make the mistake of just choosing the chosen area of the renovation to focus on, due to budget restraints. But it is so important to have an overall end design so that you are not pulling apart completed areas of the house, due to a lack of foresight. It is critical from my professional experience that whilst you may not have the budget to do everything in one go, there can be options and ways to break down a building project both inside and out, into stages across many years. Having a methodical design process is key, and is worth spending the money on, mark my words!!

Here at Kiwi Construction, we can help you choose the right architect or designer that we think would be best suited to the building project. We have worked with many architects in the past, and we can give you options, who bring a wealth of experience, especially to particular design aspects of both a villa or bungalow. Or you may have had a friend or family member recommend a particular architect or designer that they have worked with in the past. What is important, is that you feel comfortable with your choice you have made, and you feel they understand and have interpreted all your design ideas or found better solutions to achieve the highest quality project output, that meet your expectations.

In the initial meet and greet onsite stage, we can listen to all your design thoughts and ideas, and we will soon be able to let you know if the project will require a building consent or resource consent. 


Also, once you have chosen your preferred architect or designer, they would then finalise an initial concept drawing, and that drawing will soon bring to their attention any areas of conflict or land use issues. 

A resource consent is always issued off an initial concept plan, so if the resource officer rejects the planned building project, you can revisit the areas of concern they had, to make changes to the plan to seek approval from the council. Once approval has been granted, a full detailed set of building plans are then drawn up. 

If the activity you want to carry out is not clearly identified as either a permitted or prohibited activity in the plan, then you must obtain resource consent. Or in simple terms, if the building works impacts the land or other users, you may need Resource Consent – for instance, if your house plan falls outside the allowable building envelope, or you wish to build within the set-back boundary areas assigned to your specific property. Or perhaps the property is a heritage-listed site, again this would require resource consent. This is often the case with villas and bungalow-style houses. 

Whereas a building consent is a consent required for permitted building works on the site, that don’t have an impact on some of the examples listed above. 

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Our experience has shown that by the time you begin your initial design montage to receiving a set of approved plans, can take up to a year, or even longer depending on the simplicity or complexity of the building project. The average now is around 6 months to a year. Seeking an approved resource consent can add considerable time, compared to just a standard building consent.  

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Client Reviews

Martin, Scott and the team at Kiwi Construction did a fantastic job for us on our large-scale home extension/renovation. They ensured we were able to stay in our home for as long as possible to minimize the upheaval, and then did everything to get us back in ASAP. Communication was open, consistent and professional, and there were no surprises along the way. Martin’s sub-contractors were excellent, too – all very good at what they do and a pleasure to have around.
Martin & Jo
House Owners
When we decided to renovate our house we wanted a company that would manage all the trades and provide a complete service. I was a stay at home mum liaising with Kiwi Construction during the renovation, so it was important that the lead contractor was able to lead his crew by example and Martin did. Because of the age of the house, there were a number of changes to the original plans and Kiwi Construction were accommodating and knowledgeable about how to get around tricky problems. We are delighted with the renovation of our home..
John & Louise
House Owners

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